UPSC NDA 2019 (2) General Ability Test Question Paper

There are total 150 questions in the paper. It is divided into two parts. Part A is General English and part B is General Knowledge.

Part - A


1. He is always anxious.

  • (a) worried
  • (b) dispassionate
  • (c) sluggish
  • (d) torpid

2. The poems of Kabir are ecstatic in nature.

  • (a) efficacious
  • (b) eerie
  • (c) rapturous
  • (d) reverential

3. Ravi loves seclusion. Therefore, he lives in the mountains.

  • (a) nature
  • (b) scripture
  • (c) seafaring
  • (d) solitariness

4. Hitler was a despot.

  • (a) conservative
  • (b) dictator
  • (c) passionate
  • (d) monstrous

5. The imagery used in the poem is vivid.

  • (a) lively
  • (b) inert
  • (c) ebullient
  • (d) caustic


11. His conversations are always absurd.

  • (a) farcical
  • (b) foolish
  • (c) preposterous
  • (d) rational

12. The politician was a dissident.

  • (a) agitator
  • (b) rebel
  • (c) conformist
  • (d) revolutionary

16. The debate was highly stimulating.

  • (a) arousing
  • (b) invigorating
  • (c) boring
  • (d) stirring

17. Malaria is a widespread disease.

  • (a) endemic
  • (b) pervasive
  • (c) common
  • (d) rare

Idioms and Phrases

31. Be over the hill

  • (a) To be on a mountain top
  • (b) To travel in the jungle
  • (c) To be too old to do things
  • (d) To do something in the most complete way

32. Bite your tongue

  • (a) To stop yourself from saying something because it would be better not to
  • (b) To bite off your tongue while eating
  • (c) To feel sorry
  • (d) To ask someone something that you want

35. To be in seventh heaven

  • (a) To fly in the air
  • (b) To be extremely happy
  • (c) To be completely alone
  • (d) To visit a place which is in the list of the seven wonders of the world

Fill in the blanks

46. The Election Commission on Saturday ___ that the Assembly elections in five States will be held from November 12 to December 7.

  • (a) pronounced
  • (b) announced
  • (c) promulgated
  • (d) issued

49. It is common for patients to stop ___ medicine as soon as they start feeling better.

  • (a) eating
  • (b) gulping
  • (c) swallowing
  • (d) taking

50. A four-year-old girl got a new lease of life after doctors at a hospital ___ a cancerous tumour from one of her kidneys.

  • (a) rejuvenated
  • (b) removed
  • (c) displaced
  • (d) replaced

Part - B

51. A thin disc and a thin ring, both have mass M and radius R. Both rotate about axes through their center of mass and are perpendicular to their surfaces at the same angular velocity. Which of the following is true ?

  • (a) The ring has higher kinetic energy
  • (b) The disc has higher kinetic energy
  • (c) The ring and the disc have the same kinetic energy
  • (d) Kinetic energies of both the bodies are zero since they are not in linear motion

56. Which one of the following compounds does not exhibit a different oxidation number of the same element ?

  • (a) Pb3O4
  • (b) Fe3O4
  • (c) Fe2O3
  • (d) Mn3O4

60. The raw materials used for the manufacture of Portland cement are

  • (a) Lime, silica and sulphur dioxide
  • (b) Lime, silica and carbon dioxide
  • (c) Lime, silica and alumina
  • (d) Lime, silica and boric acid

62. A sample of 'soft soap' contains

  • (a) Caesium
  • (b) Potassium
  • (c) Calcium
  • (d) Magnesium

69. If the work done on the system or by the system is zero, which one of the following statements for a gas kept at a certain temperature is correct ?

  • (a) Change in internal energy of the system is equal to flow of heat in or out of the system.
  • (b) Change in internal energy of the system is less than heat transferred.
  • (c) Change in internal energy of the system is more than the heat flow.7
  • (d) Cannot be determined.

75. Which one of the following substances is not a mixture?

  • (a) Tin
  • (b) Sea water
  • (c) Soil
  • (d) Air

78. Blood is a type of

  • (a) Epithelial tissue
  • (b) Muscular tissue
  • (c) Nervous tissue
  • (d) Connective tissue

88. A very large volume of hydrogen can be accommodated by making

  • (a) non-metallic hydrides.
  • (b) hydrogen peroxide.
  • (c) non-stoichiometric hydrides.
  • (d) alkali metal hydrides.

91. Which one of the following is the major constituent of biogas ?

  • (a) Carbon dioxide
  • (b) Nitrous oxide
  • (c) Methane
  • (d) Oxygen

92. Thyroid gland produces a hormone called "Thyroxine" which

  • (a) controls blood glucose levels.
  • (b) controls ovulation.
  • (c) controls metabolic rate.
  • (d) maintains pregnancy.

95. Which one of the following diseases may be caused by the deficiency of vitamin C?

  • (a) Rickets
  • (b) Rabies
  • (c) Hepatitis
  • (d) Scurvy

105. Paradeep Port is located on the delta of river

  • (a) Rihand
  • (b) Ganga
  • (c) Mahanadi
  • (d) Baitarani

107. Which among the following struggles, based on Gandhi's philosophy of Satyagraha, involved the industrial working class ?

  • (a) Champaran
  • (b) Kheda
  • (c) Ahmedabad
  • (d) Bardoli

113. Which one of the following sedimentary rocks is organically formed ?

  • (a) Shale
  • (b) Chert
  • (c) Halite
  • (d) Chalk

116. How many Ramsar conservation sites been enlisted from India so far ?

  • (a) 12
  • (b) 16
  • (c) 27
  • (d) 62

117. The Munda language group belongs to which family?

  • (a) Austric
  • (b) Dravidian
  • (c) Sino-Tibetan
  • (d) Indo-European

124. Who among the following died in exile ?

  • (a) Rani Laxmibai
  • (b) Bahadur Shah Zafar
  • (c) Tantia Tope
  • (d) Nana Saheb

131. Lithosphere consists of

  • (a) upper and lower mantle.
  • (b) crust and core.
  • (c) crust and uppermost solid mantle.
  • (d) mantle and core.