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The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is one of the many constitutional body in India. It conducts competitive examinations and interviews for recruitment of civil services, defence services and posts under the Union Government or Central Government. The interviews for Defence Services are conducted by Services Selection Board (SSB) of the Ministry of Defence.

Civil Services

Indian Civil Service serves as the backbone of Indian administrative machinery. Career in civil services offers prestigious opportunities and responsibilities. India's best minds strive for entry into the All India Civil Services as IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IFS (Indian Forest Service) and IPS (Indian Police Service) officers.

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UPSC CSE Mains Management Syllabus

November 27, 2021

The candidate should make a study of the concept and development of management as science and art drawing upon the contributions of leading thinkers of management and apply the concepts to the real life of government and business decision making keeping in view the changes in the strategic and operative environment.

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UPSC CSE Mains Law Syllabus

November 24, 2021

Paper-I consists of Constitutional and Administrative Law, International Law. Paper-II consists of Law of Crimes, Law of Torts, Law of Contracts and Mercantile Law, Contemporary Legal Developments.

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UPSC CSE Mains History Syllabus

November 21, 2021

Paper - I consists of the History of Ancient Indian and Medieval India. Paper II consists of the History of Modern India, Indian National Movement and the World History.

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UPSC CSE Mains Geology Syllabus

November 19, 2021

Paper I consists of six units: (i) General Geology, (ii) Geomorphology and Remote Sensing, (iii) Structural Geology, (iv) Paleontology, (v) Indian Stratigraphy, (vi) Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology.

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UPSC CSE Mains Geography Syllabus

November 16, 2021

Paper I consists of Physical Geography and Human Geography. Paper II consists of Geography of India.

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UPSC CSE Electrical Engineering Syllabus

November 14, 2021

Paper I consists of (i) Circuit Theory, (ii) Signals & Systems, (iii) E.M. Theory, (iv) Analog Electronics, (v) Digital Electronics, (vi) Energy Conversion, (vii) Power Electronics and Electric Drives, (viii) Analog Communication.

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UPSC CSE Mains Economics Syllabus

November 11, 2021

Paper I consists of (i) Advanced Micro Economics, (ii) Advanced Macro Economics, (iii) Money - Banking and Finance, (iv) International Economics, (v) Growth and Development. Paper II consists of (i) Indian Economy in Pre-Independence Era, (ii) Indian Economy after Independence.

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CSE Commerce and Accountancy Syllabus

November 08, 2021

Paper I is Accounting and Finance and paper II is Organisation Theory and Behaviours, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations.

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UPSC CSE Civil Engineering Syllabus

November 05, 2021

Paper I consists of (i) Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials and Structural Analysis, (ii) Design of Structures, (iii) Fluid Mechanics, Open Channel Flow and Hydraulic Machines, (iv) Geotechnical Engineering. Paper II consists of (i) Construction Technology, Equipment, Planning and Management, (ii) Surveying and Transportation Engineering, (iii) Hydrology, Water Resources and Engineering, (iv) Environmental Engineering.

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UPSC CSE Mains Chemistry Syllabus

November 02, 2021

Paper I consists (i) Atomic Structure, (ii) Chemical Bonding, (iii) Solid State, (iv) Gaseous State, (v) Liquid State, (vi) Thermodynamics, (vii) Phase Equilibria and Solutions, (viii) Electrochemistry, (ix) Chemical Kinetics, (x) Photochemistry, (xi) Surface Phenomena and Catalysis, (xii) Bio-inorganic Chemistry, (xiii) Coordination Chemistry, (xiv) Main Group Chemistry, (xv) f Block Elements.

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UPSC CSE Mains Botany Syllabus

October 31, 2021

Paper I consists of (i) Microbiology and Plant Pathology, (ii) Cryptogams, (iii) Phanerogams, (iv) Plant Resource Development, (v) Morphogenesis. Paper II consists of (i) Cell Biology, (ii) Genetics, Molecular Biology and Evolution, (iii) Plant Breeding, Biotechnology and Biostatistics, (iv) Physiology and Biochemistry, (v) Ecology and Plant Geography.

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CSE Anthropology Syllabus

October 29, 2021

Paper I contains 12 main topics and paper II contains 9 main topics.

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