UPSC NDA 2019 (1) General Ability Test Question Paper

The question paper is divided into two parts. Part A is General English with 50 questions. Part B is General Knowledge with 100 questions. There are total 150 questions.

Part - A


11. Some people complain when they encounter a small misfortune in the course of their thoroughly happy life.

  • (a) run into
  • (b) run away
  • (c) run down
  • (d) run with

14. It is terrible for people to die of starvation.

  • (a) starch
  • (b) staple
  • (c) plenty
  • (d) hunger

17. Suddenly, the sky was darkened by a gigantic bird.

  • (a) winged
  • (b) small
  • (c) tiny
  • (d) enormous

19. The Arabs who are not in the cities live in the desert throughout the year, shifting from one oasis to another.

  • (a) sandbank
  • (b) mound
  • (c) dune
  • (d) spring

20. The various facets of life can be found reflected in a large city.

  • (a) several
  • (b) similar
  • (c) valuable
  • (d) singular


21. Ramesh is a very dubious character.

  • (a) shady
  • (b) suspicious
  • (c) trustworthy
  • (d) doubtful

24. He was born on a very auspicious day.

  • (a) propitious
  • (b) fortunate
  • (c) ominous
  • (d) opportune

27. Macbeth is a morally repulsive character.

  • (a) abominable
  • (b) attractive
  • (c) obnoxious
  • (d) ugly

29. Life is transient in nature.

  • (a) brief
  • (b) momentary
  • (c) eternal
  • (d) short-lived


31. A dark horse

  • (a) a black coloured horse
  • (b) a person who wins a race or competition although no one expected him to
  • (c) a person who keeps secrets
  • (d) an ignorant person

34. Fight tooth and nail

  • (a) to quarrel with someone
  • (b) to attack someone with a lot of force
  • (c) to try hard to prevent something from happening
  • (d) to try very hard to achieve something

35. Fair and square

  • (a) in an honest way
  • (b) in a critical way
  • (c) neither very good nor very bad
  • (d) in a foolish way


46. ___ forests prevent erosion.

  • (a) Lean
  • (b) Dense
  • (c) Sparse
  • (d) Tidy

47. Three people were arrested and an illegal arms unit was ___ by the police in a raid.

  • (a) revealed
  • (b) searched
  • (c) discovered
  • (d) busted

49. The lecture was not very interesting. In fact I ___ in the middle of it.

  • (a) showed off
  • (b) put off
  • (c) dozed off
  • (d) plugged off

Part - B

51. Which one of the following cell organelles does NOT possess nucleic acid ?

  • (a) Nucleolus
  • (b) Chloroplast
  • (c) Ribosome
  • (d) Plasma Membrane

56. Spring tides refer to

  • (a) greatest difference in the sea level at high and low tides
  • (b) lowest difference in the sea level at high and low tides
  • (c) no difference in the sea level athigh and low tides
  • (d) counteraction of gravitational pull of the Sun to that of Moon

57. Which one of the following energy is stored in the links between the atoms?

  • (a) Nuclear energy
  • (b) Chemical energy
  • (c) Potential energy
  • (d) Thermal energy

58. The light energy escaping from the Sun can be spread by

  • (a) a shower of rain drops
  • (b) a plane mirror
  • (c) a convex lens
  • (d) a combination of a convex lens and a concave lens

62. Which one of the following is an example of a clean fuel ?

  • (a) Coke
  • (b) Propane
  • (c) Petrol
  • (d) Wax

63. Which one of the following metals does NOT react with cold water?

  • (a) Calcium (Ca)
  • (b) Potassium (K)
  • (c) Magnesium (Mg)
  • (d) Sodium (Na)

65. Which one of the following is used as a binder in paints ?

  • (a) Titanium dioxide
  • (b) Novolac
  • (c) Phthalocyanine
  • (d) Silicones

70. "Shamal" warm and dry wind is a "Local" wind found in

  • (a) East Asia
  • (b) West Coast of Africa
  • (c) Sahara of Africa
  • (d) Mesopotamia

71. "Inversion of Rainfall" is associated with

  • (a) Orographic rainfall
  • (b) Convectional rainfall
  • (c) Cyclonic rainfall (Tropical)
  • (d) Cyclonic rainfall (Temperate)

72. Who was the author of the book "History of British India"?

  • (a) Charles Grant
  • (b) John Stuart Mill
  • (c) James Mill
  • (d) William Jones

73. The Azamgarh Proclamation of August 25, 1857 stressed on which one of the following issues ?

  • (a) Hindu-Muslim divide
  • (b) Support to the English Government
  • (c) The return of the Badshahi
  • (d) The imposition of heavy Jumas (revenue demand)

74. Which Viceroy had made the observation, "It's a beautiful world if it wasn't for Gandhi ... "?

  • (a) Lord Irwin
  • (b) Lord Wavell
  • (c) Lord Mountbatten
  • (d) Lord Willingdon

85. Who among the following has explained the phenomenon of photoelectric effect?

  • (a) Max Planck
  • (b) Albert Einstein
  • (c) Neils Bohr
  • (d) Ernest Rutherford

87. Which one of the following is NOT a west flowing river ?

  • (a) Periyar
  • (b) Bharatpuzha
  • (c) Pamba
  • (d) Tamraparni