Agriculture in India

India is said to be the land of farmers and these farmers are mostly living in the rural India. Various types of agricultural activities are found in different parts of the country. Agriculture is categorised into different types on the basis of purpose of farming.

1. Subsistence farming: Produce from the farm or field generally used for self consumption.

2. Commercial farming: Most of the produces are sold in the market for earning money.

3. Extensive farming: When a single crop is cultivated over an extensive area, it is called extensive farming.

4. Intensive farming: A single piece of land is used for farming many times in a year to get maximum return.

5. Plantation farming: A single type of farming well managed and the produce is sold in the market.

6. Mixed farming: It is a situation in which both raising crops and rearing animals are done simultaneously.

Major Crops In India: Rice, Wheat, Millet, Pulses, Sugarcane, Cotton, Groundnut, Tea, Coffee