Indian Postal Service - Group A

Candidates appointed to the Indian Postal Service will be on probation for a period of two years.

The controlling officer may extend the period of probation in accordance with the instructions issued by the Government from time to time.

Any decision for extension of the probation period shall be taken ordinarily within eight weeks after the expiry of the previous probationary period and communicated in writing to the officer concerned together with the reasons for so doing within the said period.

On completion of the probation or any extension thereof, officer shall, if, considered fit, for permanent appointment, be retained in his appointment on regular basis and be confirmed in due course against the available substantive vacancy, as the case may be.

If, during the period of probation or any extension thereof, as the case may be, Government is of the opinion that an officer is not fit for permanent appointment, Government may discharge or revert the officer to the post held by him prior to his appointment in the service, as the case may be.

During the period of probation or any extension thereof, candidate may be required by the Government to undergo such courses of training and instructions and to pass examination and tests (including examination in Hindi) as the Government may deem fit, as a condition to satisfactory completion of the probation.

As regards other matters relating to probation, the candidates shall be governed by the orders or instructions issued by the Government from time to time in this regard.

Officers appointed to the Service are liable to serve anywhere, including field service and in the Army Postal Service, in or outside of India.

Details of Sanctioned Posts in Indian Postal Service, Group A are as follows:

  1. Director General Postal Services, Apex Scale (Rs. 2,25,000)
  2. Higher Administrative Grade + [Members of the Postal Services Board / Additional Director General (Coordination)] (Rs. 2,05,400 - 2,24,400)
  3. Higher Administrative Grade (Rs. 1,82,200 - 2,24,100)
  4. Senior Administrative Grade (Rs. 1,44,200 - 2,18,200)
  5. Junior Administrative Grade (NFSG) (Rs. 1,18,500 - 2,14,100)
  6. Junior Administrative Grade (Rs. 78,800 - 2,09,200)
  7. Senior Time Scale (Rs. 67,700 - 2,08,700)
  8. Junior Time Scale (Rs. 56,100 - 1,77,500)
  9. Reserves (Deputation Reserve, Training Reserve, Leave Reserve)