Indian P and T Accounts and Finance Service

Appointments are made on probation for a period of 2 years including the Foundational Course, provided that this period may be extended if the officer on probation has not qualified for confirmation by passing the prescribed examinations.

If, in the opinion of Government, the work and conduct of an officer on probation is unsatisfactory, or shows that he is unlikely to become efficient, the Government may discharge him forthwith or, as the case may be, revert to the management post on which he holds a lien under the rules applicable to him prior to his appointment to the service.

On the conclusion of his period of probation Government may confirm the officer in his appointment or if his work or conduct has in the opinion of the Government been unsatisfactory. Government may either discharge him from the service or may extend his period of probation for such further period as Government may think fit or may revert him to his substantive post, if any.

The Department of Posts is one of the constituent department serviced (by the Service) as per Indian Posts and Telecommunications Accounts and Finance Service Gr. A Recruitment Rules, 2001. The Recruitment to posts in the Department of Telecom and in the Department of Posts would be made through UPSC.

The Indian P&T Accounts and Finance Service carries with it a definite liability for service in any part of India.

Scales of Pay

(i) Junior Time Scale - PB-3, Rs. 15,600-39,100+G.P. Rs. 5,400

(ii) Senior Time Scale - PB-3, Rs. 15,600-39,100+G.P. Rs. 6,600

(iii) Junior Administrative Grade - PB-3, Rs. 15,600-39,100+G.P. Rs. 7,600

(iv) Junior Administrative Grade (Selection Grade) - PB-4, Rs. 37,400-67,000+G.P. Rs. 8,700

(v) Senior Administrative Grade - PB-4, Rs. 37,400-Rs. 67,000 +G.P. Rs. 10,000

(vi) Higher Administrative Grade (Senior DDG/Pr. CCA) - Rs. 67,000 (annual increment @3%) - Rs. 79,000

(vii) Higher Administrative Grade + [Adviser (Finance)] - Rs. 75,500 - Rs. 80,000

The pay of a Government servant who held a permanent post other than a tenure post in a substantive capacity prior to his appointment as probationer will however, be regulated subject to the provisions of F.R. 22 (b) (i).