Indian Information Service, Junior Grade (Group A)

The Indian Information Service consists of posts all over India including a few abroad in various media organisations (like Press Information Bureau, Doordarshan, All India Radio, Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity, Directorate of Field Publicity, etc.) of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting / Ministry of Defence (Directorate of Public Relations) requiring management skills and competency in dealing with the information and its dissemination for and on behalf of the Government so as to educate, motivate and inform the people through different media on Government policies and programmes and their implementation for the social and economic upliftment of the general masses.

The Central Information Service which was constituted with effect from 1st March, 1960 has been renamed as the Indian Information Service in 1987 vide Ministry of I&B’s notification No. G.S.R. 153, dated 7-3-1987.

The service has at present the following grades:

  • (i) Higher Grade: Rs. 80,000 fixed
  • (ii) Selection Grade: Rs. 67,000-79,000 (Annual increment @ 3%).
  • (iii) Senior Administrative Grade: Rs. 37,400-67000 + G.P. 10,000
  • (iv) Junior Administrative (Non-Functional - Selection Grade): Rs. 37,400-67000 + G.P. 8,700
  • (v) Junior Administrative Grade: Rs.15,600-39,100 + G.P. 7,600
  • (vi) Senior Time Scale: Rs.15,600-39,100 + G.P. 6,600
  • (vii) Junior Time Scale: Rs.15,600-39,100 + G.P. 5,400

The remaining vacancies in the Grade and also vacancies in the Higher Grade, Selection Grade, Senior Administrative Grade, Junior Administrative Grade and Senior Grade are filled up by promotion by selection from amongst officers holding duty posts in the next lower grade.

Direct recruits to the Junior Grade will be on probation for two years. During probation, they will be given professional training in the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi for a period of 9 months. The period and nature of training will be liable to alteration by Government.

During the training, they will have to pass departmental test(s). Failure to pass the departmental test(s) during the training period involves liability to discharge from service or reversion to substantive post, if any, on which the candidate may hold lien.

On the conclusion of period of probation, Government may confirm the direct recruits in their appointments in accordance with the rules in force. If the work or conduct of an officer on probation is unsatisfactory he will be discharged from service or his period of probation extended for such period as the Government may deem fit. If his work or his conduct is such as to show that he is unlikely to become an efficient officer of the service, he may be discharged forthwith.

Officers on probation shall start on the minimum of the time scale of Junior Grade Group A and will count their service for increment from the date of joining.

Government may post an officer to hold a field post in any organisation under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting / Ministry of Defence (Directorate of Public Relations).

As regards leave, pension and other conditions of service Officers of the Indian Information Service will be treated like other Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ Officers.